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About the Breeders

Tayler Suterko & Jill Davis 


Tayler Suterko acquired her first Ridgeback from Jill Davis at Rainbow Hill, and quickly they formed a strong bond over their dedication to the breed. Tayler began showing dogs at the early age of 10. After a hiatus while obtaining her education at Cal Poly SLO, she was eager to get back into the world of purebred dogs. 


Jill Davis has owned and loved Ridgebacks since 1982, and was the founding member of the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback Club in 1987. Over the years, she has produced well over 30 champion dogs and dedicated her life to the preservation of the breed. 

Jill & Tayler have partnered in their commitment to breeding sound dogs with the goal to improve on each generation.  

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